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Up lighting

Up lighting is one of the most basic and popular forms of lighting. It is perfect for lighting tall trees or structures. Up lighting on trees often focus on highlighting the trunk or canopy of the tree. No two trees are the same and we use different powered lights and beam angles to best match each individual tree. 

Up lighting can be used in different methods. One being shadowing, where you place the light between the main vantage point and the item being lit, with the light source aimed at the item. This works best when you have a wall or flat surface behind the item being lit to catch the shadows created. It will create a softer, more moody effect. Another option is silhouetting, this is a fantastic effect for highlighting dramatic shapes you might have hiding. We place the light source behind the item, and light toward where the main vantage point will be, making sure that the light source itself cannot be seen.


Common up lighting fixtures include spotlights and well lights.

Florida HOA Entry Landscape Lighting
LED Landscape Well Light
Brass LED Uplight - Low Voltage
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