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At Elite Landscape Lighting we believe in more than just installing random light fixtures over your property. The key difference between an ok and great landscape lighting installation is the artistic vision that is needed when planning the design. We are lighting artists that have the ability to take your yard from basic to bling. We are passionate about creating unique lighting environments that will transform your space into a magical oasis. When planning your lighting design we will assist you with:

  • What objects and features to light on the property

  • The best types of landscape lighting for each element

  • The functionality and setup of the lighting system

Like many things in life sometimes less can be more, and this is the case when it comes to landscape lighting. We take the time to focus on the most important elements of your property instead of just light up every nook and cranny, resulting in a washed out look. What truly makes a lighting design special is the play of light and dark, highlighting features which may go otherwise unnoticed. The drama and intrigue of our lighting designs creates an inviting environment which won't make you want to leave.

We work closely with vendors and manufactures to offer you the latest and best lighting technology in the marketplace. Although there are thousands of options when it comes to choosing the right fixture for your design, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to guide you in the best direction. We don't just use one fixture throughout your design but hand pick each individual light fixture to give you the best lighting for each individual element.

LED Brass Uplight Low Voltage
LED Wall Wash Landscape Light
LED Landscape Well Light
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