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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about solar Lighting?


At this time we do not install or recommend solar lighting. The concept of solar lighting sounds wonderful however, the products don't deliver. Technology hasn't produced a light fixture that can gather and store enough energy to perform anywhere remotely close to low voltage. Solar lights simply don't cast enough light to actually be functional. Even the literature that accompanies most solar lighting fixtures states that solar pathlights are for marking the edge or boundary of an area or path. They are not intended to project light onto the path. So, with solar, all you will see at night is the fixture itself.


  • How long does installation take?


This answer will vary as it depends on several factors including the size of the landscape, difficulty of installation, and overall size of the lighting project. We work to be as efficient as possible however we take care not to rush the installation and primarily use hand tools to avoid damaging the landscape. We have completed projects in as fast as one day and as long as 4 weeks on a large commercial hotel installation. On average a medium sized residential installation may take 3 days.

  • What about the lights from home improvement stores?

We do not install or recommend retail grade lighting from big box stores. These lights are simply put a waste of your money. Often times you can find lighting "kits" which include basic materials needed for a lighting system. They lack the light output to be effective and the harsh Florida climate will cause these lights and components to bend, break, and corrode very quickly. They are often inexpensive but over time you will need to replace them several times over, whereas our lighting systems will last for decades.

  • How much do I need to budget for lighting?

The actual cost of lighting systems depend on the size of landscape, number of fixtures, difficulty of installation, and material and brand of light fixtures chosen. In order to provide you with high quality, worry free lighting we use high quality lighting and materials. If you have a certain budget we can tell you the number of fixtures, features, and types of lighting that will be within range. We have a minimum package price of $1,500 for new light systems. Contact us today to get your free estimate.

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